The Value of an MBA to Millennials

By: Kristin Mason, Supervisor, Campaign Development, Valassis
Published Friday, Feb 9, 2018

The Value of an MBA to Millennials

An MBA used to set you apart in the workforce but is that still true today? Articles from Forbes1, Business Insider2, and The Economist3 state that an MBA is not worth the time or money, yet there are still plenty of individuals who choose to dedicate their free time toward earning one. With millennials coming into leadership roles in the workforce, it’s important to take into consideration their opinions of higher education.

The primary reasons many choose to forego an MBA, largely involve program costs, versus how much value a second degree brings to the student and how the degree might impact opportunities for securing a desirable job. For example, a potential new hire with an MBA could be over-qualified for a position in comparison to another candidate, making the MBA student a less desirable hire than someone who could come in at an entry level salary. A young MBA graduate might be eligible for a senior or managerial role, but without any professional experience, finding the right position could be difficult. That said, while this scenario is a possibility, realistically the benefits of receiving an MBA outweigh the negatives.

US News mentions the key benefits of an MBA are transferable skills, higher employment rate, degree specializations and networking opportunities.4 All of these skills are relatable in most industries. Overall, an MBA typically makes a person more marketable within an industry and a specialization can help set a candidate apart. Also, networking and transferable skills can certainly improve your professional presence and connections for future roles.

As a millennial who is working on my MBA, I have found great value personally. My MBA focuses on management which relates greatly to my supervisor role. In addition to gaining experience, having to manage my limited free time to balance work, class and homework has helped me improve my organizational skills. Most importantly, I have a stronger drive to succeed. The goal of earning an MBA, gives me something to look forward to.  

For each industry and person, requirements will be different in regard to higher education. Overall, I’ve found the journey of getting an MBA to be worthwhile in and of itself. The journey is better than the destination, it’s daunting but I’m finding it to be very valuable.