Valassis Remarketing Activation Connects Online and Offline Data to Tailor Consumer Engagement

LIVONIA, Mich., Feb. 22, 2018: Valassis, a leader in activating consumers through intelligent media delivery, today announced the launch of Valassis Remarketing Activation (VRA) to identify, target, deliver and track personalized promotional messages based on online activity and offline data.

In 2017, 43 percent of marketers planned to increase digital retargeting spend, with 54 percent maintaining efforts. Marketers are finding success with this method, but they must take an integrated approach to reach full potential impact.

VRA is intelligent targeting at remarkable speed. When an anonymous consumer visits a website but does not make a purchase or take action, Valassis leverages the online engagement to deliver an omnichannel solution – a tailored email within 24 hours, as well as direct mail delivered within days of the online activity. The messaging is customized based on the consumer’s individual activity on the website itself – such as the pages engaged with most or items added to a virtual shopping cart, as well as offline demographics and qualifying parameters – for ultra-personalized media delivery.

In a broad array of categories such as retail, ecommerce and insurance, remarketing response rates averaged 31 percent. This translated to an average conversion of 5.5 percent and increase of 20 percent in sales.

In one particular example, a brick-and-mortar outdoor gear and apparel retailer wanted to remarket to website visitors that abandoned their shopping carts. A pre-campaign analysis uncovered distinct groups of shoppers, for which Valassis programmatically created relevant offers and messages to empower personalized targeting. Throughout the program, more than 36 percent of visitors who received remarketing activation postcards returned to the website and more than 10 percent then purchased from the retailer.

“Knowing what shoppers are seeking when they visit a website, along with their specific interests, gives advertisers increased opportunity to activate and motivate consumers with relevant offers,” said Larry Berg, Senior Vice President, Valassis Solutions. “Valassis Remarketing Activation fits perfectly into our strong portfolio of solutions, leveraging our intelligent media delivery and mass reach of over 150 million residential addresses, to connect the power of online and offline marketing for our partner brands – ultimately leaving no shopper behind along the path to purchase.”

Learn more about the VRA solution here.

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