Data Provides Insight Into What Motivates Moms and how Marketers can Appeal to Them

LIVONIA, Mich., May 2, 2019: With Mother’s Day just around the corner, Valassis, a leader in marketing technology and consumer engagement, released new research on how today’s moms shop and make purchase decisions for food, household goods and health and beauty care (HBC) items. Interestingly, amid the changing grocery landscape and with the growing availability of shopper-friendly technology, 2K19 Coupon Intelligence Report findings show moms are still shopping brick-and-mortar retail.

When it comes to food purchases, 52% of moms do most or all of their shopping in-store, compared to 27% of dads. For household items, 50% of moms demonstrate this same behavior, versus 24% of dads. But when it comes to HBC items, only 36% of moms opt for brick-and-mortar, compared to 24% of dads. Since over half of moms indicate they need better solutions to save more time (53%) and money (58%), retailers and brands should consider this an opportunity to make improvements.

Overall, 79% said going to stores with the lowest prices is critical, while almost 60% want to save the most money through the use of coupons and discounts. One-in-three moms cites the highest priority when it comes to grocery shopping is saving time, while over one-in-four says the same about ease and convenience.

“Our data shows brick-and-mortar is still a first stop for moms, although ecommerce is bringing an entirely new level of accessibility and convenience – through innovations like our Add to Cart offering – to modern online shoppers,” said Julie Companey, Director – Grocery, Valassis. “Moms are balancing the need for speed, convenience and savings. Retailers and brands that can deliver on these three components, while also providing unique, personalized experiences, will help win moms over.”

With saving time and money as core motivators for moms, brands and retailers can entice them by:

  • Providing a mix of savings and convenience.
    • Over one in three moms are increasingly shopping via brick-and-mortar with the added convenience delivery and pick-up options bring.
      • 40% have increased their shopping at stores other than their main retailer of choice because they advertise better deals.
    • 51% of moms always or very often search online for coupons they can use during their shopping trips.
  • Appealing to the evolving omnichannel shopper.
    • As the digital and physical environments continue to blend, approximately one-in-five moms orders groceries online for delivery or in-store pickup.
    • With technology continuing to integrate with the path to purchase, over one-in-four moms now use a smartphone app to scan barcodes as they shop.
  • Offering unique experiences.
    • 36% of moms have increased their shopping at stores that offer prepared foods/meals versus last year.
      • The same percentage say they are doing more shopping at stores that focus on organic, natural and fresh products compared to last year.

For more findings, download Valassis’ 2K19 Coupon Intelligence Report.


About the Study:
The study was fielded in the third quarter of 2018 in conjunction with a global, third-party market research firm with proficiency in internet surveys. The sample was derived from an online consumer opinion panel, and all participants were at least 18 years of age and living in the contiguous United States. Consumers were emailed an invitation to participate in the survey and were given three days to complete it. The survey was closed once 1,000 completed responses had been reached. The responses were weighted by factors obtained from national census data to provide appropriate representations of demographic groups at summary levels.

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