Valassis Drives Increased Product Awareness and Sales for Filippo Berio

Hyper-targeted Digital Advertising Campaign Spurs 7% Sales Lift and 11% Desktop Awareness Lift for Olive Oil Brand

LIVONIA, Mich., July 24, 2019: Valassis, the leader in marketing technology and consumer engagement, along with Colangelo, the creative lead, and Media Horizons, the media lead, have partnered with Filippo Berio®, a leading olive oil brand exported from Italy, to increase household penetration of the company’s products through the use of the Valassis Intent Engine™ and Consumer Graph™. Combined, the solutions leverage consumer data – including what they’re interested in, what they’re in-market for and what motivates their behavior – to empower brands, like Filippo Berio, to better engage and convert target audiences across their preferred communication channels. 

Olive oil is a commodity product, like many others in the CPG space, and standing out in the market can be a challenge. To better differentiate themselves, increase advertising effectiveness and drive overall brand awareness and sales across its digital channels, Filippo Berio turned to Valassis. Armed with these data-driven technologies, the olive oil brand was able to take a much more targeted advertising approach – reaching consumers that demonstrated a specific interest in cooking and recipes, organic and natural foods and olive and other healthy oils, among other factors, while also pinpointing those that shop at specific stores. As a result, Valassis and Filippo Berio reached a new audience with a higher conversion likelihood.

“Filippo Berio began crafting olive oil in 1867, taking care to make products with authenticity, quality and purity,” said Meghan Boyd, brand manager, Filippo Berio. “We are thrilled to see the results of this campaign, using the latest technology, to further our brand awareness and share our message with consumers.”

The Valassis Intent Engine and Consumer Graph carefully select and match stores based on audience, geography, purchase history and retailer preference. This select group of shoppers then receives ads across their devices throughout the campaign. Valassis continually analyzes overall sales lift during the campaign, while also providing demographic details, creating interest profiles and sharing point of sale insights. With this data, Valassis and the brands it partners with can determine the precise triggers that drive shoppers’ decisions and actions throughout the path to purchase and inspire them to buy accordingly. 

Following the advertising campaign launch, Filippo Berio saw an immediate impact on sales for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil product portfolio. Running from early January 2019 through the end of March, overall sales stemming from the effort on the featured product lifted 7%, while all other Extra Virgin Olive Oil products saw a 3% rise in sales. Furthermore, Filippo Berio saw an 11% desktop awareness lift based on the Nielsen/Vizu measurement. These results are due to the hyper-targeted advertising approach powered by Valassis’ technology in driving new customers to conversion. 

“As consumers’ attention spans shrink, it’s increasingly challenging for brands to stand out from the competition. We see this especially in the CPG and grocery industries,” added Michelle Engle, senior vice president, marketing, Valassis. “We are proud of the work we’ve accomplished with Filippo Berio – helping the olive oil product line increase brand awareness and sales through targeted engagements. It speaks volumes to the importance of understanding target audiences and catering messages and advertisements specifically to meet their interests and preferences. We look forward to partnering with them further, along with additional brands, as we continue to integrate technology and data-driven insights into the advertising process.”

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