Study Breaks Down Marketers’ Affinity for Print and Digital, Analyzes Cross-Media-Multiplier Effect

LIVONIA, Mich., Oct. 10, 2018: Valassis Digital, a leader in activating consumers through best-in-class digital marketing solutions, today announced results from its joint study with EnsembleIQ Research Solutions, highlighting the struggles marketers encounter when working to integrate online and offline strategies and ways in which they can maximize the Cross-Media-Multiplier (CMM) effect to deliver better, more personalized experiences for consumers. By mastering CMM, which focuses on how each element of the marketing mix complements the others, brands can elevate the impact of their campaigns and spur increased sales by optimizing online and offline tools to activate their target audiences.

To conduct the research, Valassis Digital and EnsembleIQ surveyed marketing and shopper marketing professionals who are responsible for marketing budget spend. The results show that the top three reported barriers to effective online/offline marketing integration are structure related (83 percent), planning (40 percent) and internal silos (37 percent). Additional hindrances include time (10 percent), money (10 percent) and know-how (7 percent). Therefore, if marketers want to benefit from integration, they must first create a clear strategy and step-by-step tactics for an effective online/offline program.

Additionally, the study notes that while the marketing industry is seeing a steady shift toward digital, traditional print approaches still hold a valuable place in the marketing mix, especially when it comes to in-store efforts. In fact, results show that free-standing inserts (FSIs) win in delivering circulation, reach and ROI, as well as acceptability among retailers. Additionally, when it comes to impulse categories in particular, in-store signage reigns supreme for converting shoppers during the make-or-break moment at the shelf. When asked which tactics marketers rely on most heavily in-store, they cited analog approaches including point-of-purchase materials (95 percent), sampling (79 percent) and print coupons (77 percent) as the top choices over digital counterparts.

“It’s become increasingly clear that marketers can no longer rely on a one-size-fits-all approach around cross-channel integration and promotion,” said Carrie Parker, Executive Director, Product Marketing, Valassis Digital. “The true impact of the CMM effect requires marketers to have a keen understanding of consumers’ wants and needs, and with that knowledge, cater their strategies accordingly. As such, campaigns must be flexible and personalized across both print and digital channels to effectively reach customers and propel buying behavior – ultimately leading to stronger sales.”

In order to truly achieve the CMM effect, marketers must fuse multiple data sources into a cohesive consumer narrative, encompassing everything from basic demographic information to interests, hobbies and social media usage and then share that narrative through a mix of online and offline touch points. Maximizing the CMM effect requires a commitment to understanding and fulfilling consumers’ true wants and needs.

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