Analyst Firm Finds Adding Digital Advertising to a Holistic Marketing Strategy Drives Significant Results

LIVONIA, Mich., Sept. 27, 2018: Valassis Digital, a leader in activating consumers through best-in-class digital marketing solutions, announced today results from a commissioned Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study that analyzed the return on investment (ROI) for four Valassis Digital customers using Valassis Digital’s advertising services to complement Valassis print or other print services in a holistic marketing campaign.

To conduct the study, Forrester interviewed four customers with years of experience using Valassis Digital advertising across a variety of marketing campaigns. The results found a 30 percent lift from digital marketing efforts with Valassis Digital, leading to more than 9,000 new in-store sales from each campaign, adding up to a risk-adjusted total of nearly $3.2 million per year over the three-year analysis period. Overall, this translates to a 224 percent ROI and a three-year, risk-adjusted net present value (NPV) of $5.4 million. According to the study, these organizations not only grew their digital marketing strategies through the years, but they enabled additional benefits by: 1) leveraging the services of Valassis Digital, such as hyperlocal targeting and 2) focusing on omnichannel marketing strategies across a variety of delivery types and channels such as coupons and advertisements, web and mobile.

“We believe the right balance of print and digital empowers marketing strategies to generate greater ROI results,” said Michelle Engle, Senior Vice President of Product and Marketing, Valassis Digital. “This study shows the value of adding digital to a holistic marketing strategy in not only increasing the ability to target consumers at a granular level, but also driving in-store visits for retailers. With Valassis Digital, customers gain better shopper insights and increase visibility of in-store and omnichannel measurement, ultimately increasing foot traffic and sales.”

For a composite organization running an average of 25 campaigns per year, the survey and interview results found that adding Valassis Digital to marketing strategies was highly valuable to driving in-store visits. Results include a 5.5 percent redemption (31,000 sales), as well as a 30 percent lift (9,300 sales) attributed to Valassis Digital’s advertising services.

“Valassis is already handling our print circular ads. They know exactly what households receive that ad and provide insights into who those customers are, and pair that with digital to make sure that we’re also targeting the right households,” said a marketing executive at a West Coast retailer.

A senior marketing specialist at a Northeast retailer said, “We are able to identify consumers closer in the purchase funnel, with higher purchase intent, than just with print. So, now we can not only see how many people were served ads and how many times that was clicked on, we can tell how many people actually went into a physical store location. And with Valassis Digital’s help we are able to measure implied sales.”

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