Valassis Consumer Graph™

Customer Onboarding

Engage your true customers in new ways using a vivid picture of their lives

We help you create more meaningful engagement with customers and expand your prospect pool

Intelligent Audience Modeling

Connect with existing customers more precisely and reach new potential customers.

Maximize Campaign Performance

Use your current customer list to reach your audience across multiple channels for highly targeted engagement.

Apply to Acquisition Goal

As an option, current customer lists can be suppressed to prevent them from seeing new promotions meant only for prospects.

Uncover Look-Alike Prospects

We identify look-alike audiences that behave like your current customers to grow your business.

How It Works


Provide Customer List

Upload your customer list to our secure server.


Onboard & Match

We onboard the customer list and match your information for targeting. As an option, we can use look-alike modeling to identify top prospects.


Target Precise Audience

Depending on campaign parameters, we deliver multichannel advertising to the right audience and can tailor or suppress ads to existing customers.


With our outstanding match rates, Valassis helps you see real impact and improved ROAS on your campaigns.

Unparalleled Reach
Reach more of your best customers with an 80%+ match rate and intelligent modeling to find ideal prospects.
Industry-Leading Identity Resolution
Gain a more complete view of customers and prospects with exclusive intelligence from the Valassis Consumer Graph™.
Unrivaled Targeting
Enhance your engagement and targeting with our proprietary data on consumer interests, purchase intent, and location activity.
Measurable Results
Lift campaign performance with our full-service, closed-loop solution and managed service approach.