Personalized Postcards
Personalized Postcards

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Dynamic Postcard

Personalization becomes affordable when you deliver 1:1 messages across neighborhoods

See how easy it is to trigger higher response with personalized postcards to houses in your key neighborhoods


Layer our predictive intelligence with your tailored messages and motivate more consumers to respond

Current Customers

Segment offers and messaging to current customers using loyalty data

New Prospects

Tailor messages to new prospects next door using audience segment data

One Mailing

Reach current and prospective consumers all in the same mailing

Here’s a great example of how the postcards can be personalized, house by house:


map depicting various consumer Household and how unique each are with a neighborhood

Personalized Postcards deliver the impact – not the price – of your typical direct mail program.

Predictive Intelligence
Identify key consumers and their neighborhoods through our combination of behavioral, location, and purchase intelligence.
Powerful 1:1 Messages
We deliver personalized offers, messages, and images to each household to spur strong response.
Neighborhood Reach
We pinpoint high-value neighborhoods containing your ideal consumers – across 90M+ households nationwide.
Multichannel Campaigns
Engage the same consumer with the same message at home and away with a smart combination of online and direct mail marketing.
Case Study
Dublin Dental veers from radio, gets new patients for 75% less
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