Print Marketing

Checkout Coupons

Extend multichannel engagement with coupons printed at the store register to use on the next trip

Our Checkout Coupons are targeted to the same shoppers who receive your online advertising or the Save FSI— increasing your brand’s reach and consumers’ savings

Reach Shoppers In-Store

Through our partnership with Catalina, gain access to the world’s largest in-store media network. It reaches and influences over 50 million shoppers each day, driving high response for your brand’s Checkout Coupons with an average 80 percent readership and 3-8 percent redemption*.1



See How It Works

Strategically strengthen your omnichannel engagement to drive sales during key promotional periods. Checkout Coupons close the loop on your consumers’ decision journey.

Predict Intent

Use the predictive data in the Valassis Consumer Graph™ to engage high-intent shoppers through online marketing campaigns and FSI programs. Combine with Checkout Coupons to drive acquisition or loyalty goals and strong ROI.

checkout coupons


Complement Or Boost Your FSI Program

Launch Checkout Coupons concurrently with the Save FSI or two weeks after the in-home date.

Amplify Digital Campaigns

Target consumers through Display Advertising based on loyalty or acquisition KPIs with a message of savings now and on the next purchase using Checkout Coupons.

*Actual redemption rate will vary based on audience, category, and coupon value. Source: 1.


Our omnichannel approach inspires action and engages consumers consistently across channels, including in-store advertising.

Multichannel Engagement
Adding Checkout Coupons will help you maximize sales during key promotional periods.
Relevant Reach
Target consumers pre-shop using data from the Valassis Consumer Graph and engage them at checkout as well.
Flexible Promotional Strategies
Based on your brand and campaign goals, we’ll customize plans to drive your ROI.
Streamlined Ad Campaigns
Execute holistic online, offline, and in-store solutions through one partner: Valassis.