Display Advertising
display advertising

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Display Advertising

Get a higher return on ad spend by balancing precision and scale in your display advertising

Our display advertising delivers strong results you can trust – outperforming industry standards for viewability and brand safety.

Target the Most Receptive Consumers

Find people ready to act by uniting consumer browsing and buying behaviors with their home and the places they go using the Valassis Consumer Graph™.

display advertising

display advertising

Balance Precision and Scale

Gain targeting flexibility with the power to precisely reach individuals and scale to Digital Zip® solutions for increased performance with display advertising.

Optimize Engagement

Take display advertising to the next level. Our dynamic creative offerings can help drive business results by showing more relevant products, nearest store locations and more.

Results-driven display advertising

Trust Our Quality & Viewability

As certified leaders in brand safety and transparency, we consistently deliver impressions that surpass industry standards and are on average:

  • 78.2% average display ad viewability
  • 99.1% fraud-free impressions
  • 99.6% brand-safe impressions

White Paper

Learn about privacy pitfalls to avoid and how to effectively connect your brand with consumers these days.

Display Advertising Privacy


Gain Actionable Insights

Measure against your defined KPIs with a wide range of audience insights and impact studies that are delivered in time to inform your next display advertising campaign.


Our superior closed-loop engine brings better performance to each stage of a campaign.

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Data Connectivity
By connecting data throughout the life of the campaign, we learn what drives success for continuous improvement.
Unified Technology
Fully integrated targeting, execution, and measurement delivers greater reach, faster response, and better optimization.
Relevant Engagement
We partner with all major exchanges and qualify brand-safe, viewable inventory to effectively engage the right consumer with the right message.
Powerful Performance
Rigorous scientific studies reveal who responded and why the results-driven display advertising campaign succeeded to fuel your next effort.

Case Study

Filippo Berio uses Display ads to attract more consumers and drive 5.8% sales lift

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