Online Advertising Digital Coupons
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Online Advertising

Digital Coupons

Connect your CPG brand with relevant shoppers to drive store trips and influence purchases

Our digital coupon solutions acquire and convert value-seeking shoppers while building loyalty for your brand

Amplify Brand To Deal-Savvy Audience

Blend digital coupons into cohesive, multichannel campaigns to influence shoppers along the entire path to purchase.

Online Advertising Digital Coupons

Online Advertising Digital Coupons

Reward Brand Loyalists

Make digital coupons available on your own website and delight your routine visitors.

Promote Across Consumer Touchpoints

Point all of your online advertising to a single landing page or gallery for consumers to learn more and get savings.

Online Advertising Digital Coupons


Influence consumers with valuable incentives delivered using our secure and highly attributable methods.

Omnichannel Activation
Amplify promotional campaigns online and offline to increase reach and influence shoppers along the entire path to purchase.
Best-in-Class Security
Securely manage digital coupon campaigns and protect redemption budgets with our leading-edge security controls and fraud deterrence.
Strong Engagement
Engage value-seeking shoppers during key promotional periods in order to drive trial and sales.
Flexible Solutions
Distribute printable coupons to shoppers visiting your website or a custom landing page.