February 2021

Valassis Mail Delivery


Given the increased media attention related to changes at the USPS and mail delivery concerns, we want to assure our clients that our Direct Mail advertising has experienced minimal disruption and delays. This means our clients’ advertising and valuable offers are reaching consumers at a time when they need it most.

Save Direct Mail is engineered to streamline USPS delivery. Our extensive manufacturing and logistics network enables us to deliver 92% of our mail directly to the local post office in a format that makes it as easy as possible for postal carriers to distribute. The results are meaningful. We currently deliver 99.18% of our direct mail package advertising to consumers on time. While this unprecedented environment has put pressure on USPS delivery time – we are proud to say our process is currently driving on-time results largely consistent with our historical performance.

As a large customer of the USPS, we actively communicate with the USPS every week at the national, regional, and local level to effectively deliver our clients’ advertising. Direct Mail is, and continues to be, a critical component of any advertising campaign to engage consumers and drive commerce for businesses.