Case Study

Dublin Dental Switches from Radio and Finds Immediate Success

The Columbus, Ohio dentist office was looking for creative ways to bring in new patients. Learn how they generated:
Savings Per New Patient Acquired
We were doing radio and not having much success. Valassis was able to help us reach our target audience and is getting us the results we wanted to see from our marketing efforts.
Mitch Langford
Marketing Direction

Our Solution

Evaluating their usual advertising approach, we could see that radio was costly and not delivering the targeting precision needed to perform. More targeted engagement was in order.

Precise Targeting

To pinpoint best prospects, we targeted mothers who lived in the area or passed by the dental office.

Multichannel Campaign

Consumers crave personalization, so the campaign combined two powerful media options. We sent personalized Dynamic Postcards to nearly 15,000 households in high-potential neighborhoods, and served location-aware Dynamic Mobile ads (70,000 monthly impressions) to prospects’ smartphones.

Shifting to a personalized, omnichannel strategy proved to be very cost effective and has the client smiling from ear to ear.