April 8, 2021

Driving In-Store Sales: A Consumer Acquisition Case Study

By Jill Huselton

• Increasing brand awareness can be a challenge, especially as consumer shopping habits continue to shift.
• In this post, we’ll share how our client successfully attracted new customers to its brand, driving in-store sales within a highly competitive category in an environment of strong ecommerce growth.

The pandemic led to a significant increase in the adoption of ecommerce as an alternative to in-store shopping trips — so much so that Digital Commerce 360 recently estimated that U.S. ecommerce grew 44% in 2020. In this new world, going into a store even to shop for groceries was relegated to those who welcomed the chance to venture outside of their homes.

Filippo Berio sought to drive foot traffic to brick-and-mortar stores and increase its sales among new users. In a recent podcast, Filippo Berio marketing manager Meghan Boyd and Valassis executive director Kevin Leary shared how they worked together to achieve in-store sales lift objectives via an engaging digital campaign.

Access to the right data to build a successful display advertising campaign and allow for real-time optimization was key to their strategy of targeting high-opportunity markets and retailers. Using intelligence in the Valassis Illumis™ platform, Filippo Berio was able to achieve their goal of getting into more cooks’ kitchens. Learn more in this case study.

Jill Huselton’s breadth of experience spans multiple roles in communications, field marketing, and sales enablement for startups and enterprise organizations. In her current position as a senior product marketing manager, she works to bring Valassis’ print and digital products to market through a combination of insights and storytelling that conveys their benefits and value to sales teams as well as clients.

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