September 2, 2021

Understanding Connected TV: Including CTV in Your Omnichannel Approach

By Matthew Tilley


• Marketers have options in how they can use Connected TV (CTV) to supplement or drive their omnichannel marketing strategy.

• Or does it actually connect your brand with a unique group of people that may be missed by other media?

• This is the third in a series of posts that feature videos with valuable CTV insights you can use.

While Connected TV (CTV) is a powerful media tactic in its own right, one of the most valuable ways to leverage this tool is within an omnichannel strategy, connecting it to the power of multiple media sources to drive sales. The good news is that marketers have quite a few options for effectively executing CTV as part of their larger strategy.

Recently, Nuttipol Thuwirat, director of strategy development at Vericast, and Mary Heman, Vericast’s executive director of shopper marketing discussed this topic in virtual conversation.

This is a part of series of posts intended to help you understand CTV. Here are links to other posts in the series, with more coming soon:

To get more details about consumer sentiment toward advertising media like CTV, download our 2021 Consumer Optimism Outlook.

Matthew Tilley is senior director of content marketing for Vericast and leads content marketing for the company. He has more than 20 years of experience in digital advertising and consumer promotions to develop, communicate, and distribute ideas to make modern marketers more effective. 

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