A Video is Worth More Than a Thousand Words – Make Yours a Success

By: Peter Wright, Client Marketing Director, Valassis
Published Tuesday, Oct 3, 2017

A Video is Worth More Than a Thousand Words – Make Yours a Success

As a kid, I loved books with pictures. The bigger, brighter and more fantastic the pictures, the more interested I was in that book and its content. Pictures transform; they can take you to another place. They can stimulate conversation and inspire. Yesterday’s pictures in a book are today’s video playing out on our electronic devices. With movement and dimension, video tells today’s stories in an engaging way. Keen marketers are aware of this and use video to their advantage to sell their products and brands. The “moving picture” continues to explode and has become a critical marketing tool in today’s media mix.

In all its forms, video has become a communications and entertainment staple in peoples’ lives. According to eMarketer, we spend 1 hour and 13 minutes a day engaging in digital video.1



And, although desktop/laptop engagement is strong, mobile leads in time spent and is on a stronger growth trajectory. While desktop/laptop video time spent is flattening in growth, according to eMarketer, mobile video time spent is poised to grow 9.9 percent this year with strong projected growth into the future. Most impressive though are the absolute number of people engaging in video content. From a recent eMarketer report,2 you can see that a lot of Americans are watching video:


Judging from these statistics, it is clear that Americans crave video. They want images that bring stories to life. So, as a marketer, what does this mean? It means there’s great value in leveraging the video craze to bring your brand, marketing, and story to life through video.

With so many eyeballs watching some form of video, marketers must take advantage of this phenomenon to help drive business. The sheer volume of viewership should be enough to convince marketers to get in the game, but if it’s not, the following statistics should help them make the decision to engage.

A recent research study titled, The State of Social Video – Marketing in a Video-First World, June 2017, conducted by leading video development company Animoto, found the following regarding video viewing behavior:

  • 64 percent say watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision in the last month;
  • Consumers are most likely to “like and share” funny videos and emotional videos;
  • 56 percent of consumers surveyed are watching their video in the evening, the time of day with the highest percentage; and
  • 60 percent of consumers will watch educational content for more than 1 minute.

It’s clear that video as a marketing tool can have a positive impact on a brand and, when done well, can contribute to the success of a marketing campaign. So, what can marketers do to help ensure their video is successful? Here are some hints:

  1. Produce video efficiently. If you’ve done other productions, like a television commercial for example, you can utilize the pre-existing assets to create a compelling video that can be used for many platforms such as digital display ads, social media pages, promotional landing pages, and of course to enhance your brand website.
  2. Quality of presentation is critical. Consumers love video, but it has to be done right. During production, ensure your video plays properly across devices. Given the consumption of mobile, it is crucial that the story you tell is visually appealing on that little screen.
  3. Make it exciting! Back to those big, bright, beautiful pictures in books that entertained us as kids –the same philosophy must be applied to video. Make it exciting and compelling! And, at the same time, make sure it is true to the essence of your brand or product. Authentic, entertaining stories should be the goal. 

I am not really sure how many words a video is worth, but if it can help drive consumer engagement, brand loyalty, and/or sales, I’d be willing to invest in a “moving picture.”