Building Trust in Digital Advertising

Megan Poler, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Valassis Digital
Published Friday, Sep 8, 2017

Building Trust in Digital Advertising

Does it seem like trust is hard to come by these days? Americans are losing faith in the nation’s major institutions. Trust in the mass media is at an all time low. People don’t know what is real or fake news. This is a turbulent time in history to say the least.

Advertisers who are increasing their spend in programmatic advertising can unfortunately relate. They too are concerned about reliability and accountability in the digital media industry. A few examples include:

  • Advertisers growing frustration about limited third-party measurement when Facebook Inc. overestimated the viewing time for video ads on its platform for two years.
  • Procter & Gamble’s Chief Brand Officer, Marc Pritchard, making headlines when he called for a clean up of the digital media supply chain and increased accountability in meeting industry standards on viewability, third-party measurement and ad fraud.
  • More than 250 advertisers boycotting Google/YouTube and pulling their advertising from the platform in the U.S. for running video ads next to offensive, terrorism-related content. 
  • 62 percent of global advertisers reporting that they are dissatisfied with the overall level of measurement standards in online advertising according to the World Federation of Advertisers and Ebiquity study.

We know consumers are shifting their time and attention to digital devices. But, advertisers may question if their ads are truly being seen and resonating with consumers due to the accountability and media quality issues in the industry.

Based on our latest eBook, Motivating the Dynamic Shopper: Purchase Decisions In-Progress, Valassis confirmed digital ads resonate with consumers. Even if consumers don’t click, respond or buy immediately, nearly 55 percent of them noticed a relevant digital ad. Key consumer groups like parents (65 percent) and millennials (62 percent) were even more likely to notice digital ads.

This is good news for advertisers, but they still need to confidently invest their digital dollars. Let’s give them a reason to believe! Use this handy scorecard to keep your digital media partners accountable, and watch the results pay off.