Coupons Influence Dads’ Path to Purchase

By: Curtis Tingle, Chief Marketing Officer, Valassis
Published Wednesday, Jun 21, 2017

Coupons Influence Dads’ Path to Purchase

If you think moms are the only parent using coupons – think again. Dads’ coupon activity often matches or surpasses moms – especially on the go. And dads are serious about saving, using multiple vehicles to obtain coupons, with their top three preferred sources for discounts being mail (57 percent), mobile device (56 percent) and download to store loyalty card (55 percent).

The 2016 Valassis Coupon Intelligence Study found that 96 percent of dads (versus 90 percent of all adults) use coupons. So how do dads use coupons and where can marketers catch and influence them to ensure they don’t miss out on incentivizing this savvy consumer set? Let’s take a look at a few findings:

At Home

  • Dads make a list to prepare - 98 percent of dads create a list before shopping (versus 91 percent of all adults) and 96 percent (versus 84 percent of all adults) use coupons to make that list; and
  • Dads will switch stores for a deal - 54 percent of dads (versus 33 percent of all adults) increased shopping at stores other than their main store due to better deals; and
  • Dads look for convenience - 51 percent (versus 29 percent of all adults) increased shopping where paperless coupons are accepted.

At the Store

Dad’s can be swayed to buy something different:

  • 89 percent of dads (versus 55 percent of all adults) search for discounts on a mobile device while in the store; and
  • 82 percent (versus 51 percent of all adults) make a purchase based on mobile notifications.

Everywhere In-between

  • Dads are much more oriented to mobile: 90 percent of dads (versus 61 percent of all adults) use a mobile device to save on shopping trip items; and
  • Dads are more likely to be last-minute planners: on the way to the store dads decide to what to buy, including:
  • Food items (22 percent versus 9 percent of all adults);
  • Personal care items (17 percent versus 8 percent of all adults); and
  • Household goods (16 percent versus 8 percent of all adults).

And, dads continue the savings and sharing process even after they’re done shopping:

  • 89 percent scan receipts on their phone/device for points or cash back (versus 75 percent of moms); and
  • 86 percent (versus 73 percent of moms) share reviews and how much they saved with family and friends.

It’s clear that dads make many household purchase decisions; and they want to save. If marketers wish to reach and activate this key consumer set along the path to purchase, they must be sure to take dads’ deal-seeking behaviors into consideration when developing marketing plans.

To learn more, view/download this infographic.

Source: 2016 Valassis Coupon Intelligence Study; Research focused on behavior for traditional CPG categories.