Use Multi-channel Approach to Build Trust with Consumers

By: Alexandra Miller, Sales Strategist, Valassis Digital
Published Friday, May 26, 2017

Use Multi-channel Approach to Build Trust with Consumers

Adults across the country are consuming more media than ever – spending an average of 12 hours per day with major media channels. And, almost half of that time is spent exclusively with digital devices according to eMarketer.1 Consumers are accustomed to having any and all information right at their fingertips and moving freely between touch points. To accommodate these changing behaviors and build a connection with consumers, marketers must effectively hone their efforts across multiple channels.

Rarely does someone read one article, view one ad or hear one commercial, then make a purchase. In fact, according to epi, on average, 92 percent of consumers visit a brand’s website for the first time to do something other than just make a purchase.2 That said, it takes time for brands to build trust and authority with consumers. According to Google’s ZMOT study, the average consumer engages with 18.2 pieces of information before making a final purchase decision. This includes information online as well as in newspapers; via word of mouth; on TV; in magazines, etc.3

Marketers who leverage this cross-media consumer engagement through the implementation of integrated, multi-channel campaigns are seeing greater success than those who do not. ROI increases by 19 percent when going from one channel to two – and up to 35 percent when using five channels, according to an article in AdAge.4 The numbers support the fact that a cross-channel approach gives brands the opportunity to gain a higher share of influence over consumer purchase decisions by reaching them at more touch points along their path to purchase.

Nielsen research recently determined that out of 11 key marketing touch points referred to before and during shopping, eight are digital, three are print, and half of U.S. consumers use between four and seven.5 Millennials, however, with their $170 billion in purchasing power, use between eight and 11. That’s right, millennials use twice as many marketing touch points than the other audience segments. This is hardly surprising coming from a group that eMarketer reports, spends more than 17 hours online via smartphones and over 7 hours online via desktop/laptop devices each week.6 So, marketers be assured – tapping into this demographic with multi-channel media delivery is essential to building recognition.

Overall, cross-device campaigns have proven to be 60 percent more effective at driving in-store conversions than desktop-only campaigns,7 according to AdAge, and increasing the number of channels is ultimately more effective than increasing the level of exposure within each channel.

In the end, multi-channel marketing presents brands with the opportunity to build trust with their consumers – further increasing the memorability of their messaging.


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