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coupon-book-stats *NCH Marketing Services, Report year-end 2014
#1 vehicle for coupon distribution

Reliable as ever, the Free-standing Insert continues to be the go-to vehicle for U.S. advertisers who want to drive activation, and RedPlum delivers unrivaled efficiency. Our market list provides quality over quantity in terms of circulation and reach. No wonder, as creators of the FSI industry, Valassis holds it to a higher standard. Our coupon book is proven to move units.

  • Delivered via quality newspapers and direct mail
  • Reliable ROI and minimal cost per coupon redeemed
  • In-house printing allows control over production process
  • Category exclusive
Base your coupon strategy on behavior, not buzz
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Case Study

Top 10 U.S. grocery chain promoted two store brand products in the RedPlum FSI.
Drove sales and moved units

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