Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing
Enviable track record in Shopper Marketing

You’re challenged enough with customers being less loyal, visiting fewer retailers, and using more private label products. Go with a proven Shopper Marketing partner. Valassis partners with brands, retailers and agencies to design and deliver programs that influence a specific shopper along the entire path to purchase. In a single year, our shopper marketing expertise delivered over:


Discounts are on the rise

According to the NCH U.S. CPG Coupons Facts: Year-End 2017 (YOY percent change vs. year-end 2016)

Coupon Facts

Announcing our new Consumer Activation Score

Who is promotionally sensitive in your category?
And where are they all hiding? Find out – to sharpen your targeting and optimize your current Coupon Book (FSI) ad campaign and/or an integrated print and digital buy.

Index Overview

Retail-targeted solutions drive traffic

Our proven print and digital media portfolio reaches shoppers at various proximities to stores. Amplify your co-branded retailer event or promotions via:


*Approximate number of HHs


Enrich your shopper profile

Brands and retailers often have different views of the same shopper. Valassis is uniquely poised to incorporate key variables from each party and strengthen the shopper profile with multiple sources of intelligence to drive greater success.

Case Study

Hair care brand at a national drug store chain saw an average weekly sales rate increase: 94% higher in markets with Retail Connection vs. without

Source: Client data
Trends Impacting Grocery

Source: 2016 Acosta, Inc.
Health and Wellness

Nearly half of shoppers consider leaving a store if fresh produce and healthy options aren’t available.

Meal solutions

Half of all shoppers admit they decide what’s for dinner within two hours or less of mealtime.


They are more likely to purchase prepared meals, more likely to use technology while grocery shopping and more likely to seek natural, healthy food options.

Digital Wave Continues

Nearly half of Millennials said they would use an app allowing them to pay for their groceries; that’s more than 10 percent of all U.S. shoppers.

Perimeter Growth

Millennials and Hispanic shoppers visit the store’s center the least, while older shoppers visit the store’s center the most.


“Valassis' Customer Service far exceeds that of most suppliers. They are extremely flexible and will move mountains in order to accommodate our projects. All while delivering with excellence!”

Media & Promotion Manager,
Leading CPG Shopper Marketing Agency
Store-level analytics – great for shopper marketing success

Using Ansa, powered by RSi*, proves how digital campaigns drive in-store sales. We leverage the daily point-of-sale (POS) data to:

  • Identify which stores to focus on and target around
  • Optimize delivery of digital ads based on real-time store sales & inventory
  • Measure and report ROI & sales lift
*Retail Solutions Inc.
Digital Advertising
Digital Display
Extend your shopper marketing to on-the-go consumers
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