Patients today are more informed. Where do they look?

Welcome to patient-centric marketing

This growing movement in healthcare aligns perfectly with our advertising approach. Putting patients’ needs and preferences first. Understanding their daily behaviors and media engagement – via our proprietary and secondary data. So we can help you advertise wisely, with the utmost personalization, relevancy and efficiency, across media channels.
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People are shopping for healthcare much like they shop retail. Before visiting you, they tend to go online as well as scour print publications and ads. Fortunately, you’re in good hands with Valassis. We offer over 4 decades of expertise at activating consumers, moms in particular.

Effectively engage mom, the household’s Chief Wellness Officer

Moms are key, healthcare decision makers. Going deeper, we can focus on millennial moms or the sandwich generation or moms with specific traits – whoever is vital to you.

Acquire & retain more patients

With all the choices in local providers out there, ensuring you have a strong media presence is key. We will leverage insights specific to your niche – whether dental, diabetics, oncology, cardiology, geriatrics, etc – to attract new patients. Once in your system, our data and insights will complement your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program.


New research

Urgent: Get better at marketing or risk losing out on patients who are shopping around. See stats and strategies from our recent study of today’s Dynamic Consumer.


Proven response to our direct mail

Survey of those who visited a medical professional in the last 12 months:
60% Aware

among those who received their mailer that week

82% Engage

once they are aware

52% Act

once they engage

NPD Awareness-To-Activation Study, April 2017

Case Study

A dental practice acquired thousands of new customers cost-efficiently with a hyper-targeted print + digital campaign.

9.6K new patients
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