Source: 2K15 Valassis Coupon Intelligence Report “Activating Today’s Shoppers”

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Who is promotionally sensitive in your category?
And where are they all hiding? Find out – to sharpen your targeting and optimize your current Coupon Book (FSI) ad campaign and/or an integrated print and digital buy.

Index Overview
Consumer Coupon Preferences

Consumers continue to use all types of coupons as they want the best value for what they purchase. An astute marketer should develop plans that include both print and digital distribution to capture a broad range of coupon savings preferences, maximize consumer reach, and ultimately, activate purchase.

CPG-consumer-preference Source: Scarborough Research, Multi-Market 2015 Release 2

Case Study

Yogurt company used print + digital to drive sales

Print + Digital

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Go Dads Go
Dads decide on way to store

what to buy in terms of:

  • Food items: say 22% dads vs 9% all adults
  • Personal care: say 17% dads vs 8% all adults
  • Household goods: say 16% dads vs 8% all adults


See additional dad data from Valassis’ Coupon Intelligence Study.

Coupon players, trends to watch

What’s behind the numbers? Color commentary provides insight to develop winning strategies.


Media Mix

Notice how ad spend breaks out for this industry.

CPG-ad-spend Source: Kantar Media, 2015

Consumer Demographics

Valassis will help you identify consumer segments, however, here is a partial prepared foods consumer profile.


CPG-demographics Sources: Scarborough Research, Multi-Market 2015 Release 2

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