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Announcing the Valassis Consumer Activation Score

Who is promotionally sensitive in your category? And where are they all hiding? See how you’ll benefit from this unique data tool.

Why is the Consumer Activation Score a big deal? Three reasons:



Go straight to your hot-to-act shoppers

This new targeting index clarifies who is promotionally sensitive for product categories like yours. Reach value-seeking consumers – known to shop and spend more per trip.



Get proprietary access to immense shopper data

We combine this print and digital redemption data with advanced analytics on what consumers buy, where they shop, and where they live – to inform your media plans.


Advertising Targeting Zone (ATZ)

Reprioritize local neighborhoods for highest activation

Consumer Activation Score, layered with other shopper indices, may change your top markets or neighborhood ATZs, showing hot, responsive areas to deliver your ads.

Allows you to optimize your current campaigns and/or an integrated print and digital buy.

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