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Valassis corners the market on activating value-seekers for our clients. So of course, we possess data and analytics that others can't touch. Take a look at what we're doing with the data to give you tools that will ultimately enhance the personalization, efficiency and performance of your advertising.

Introducing "Dynamic Shopper Segments"

This new tool helps marketers align messaging to each audience – characterized by their likelihoods re:
  1. Brand affiliations
  2. Media preferences
  3. Spending habits.
Created at an individual, not household level, they allow for laser-focused targeting and greater ROI.
Read all about the Dynamic Shopper Segments:
  • Matriarchs of Modest Means
  • Pennywise Pet Lovers
  • Financing the Family
  • + 14 more segments
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Valassis Consumer Activation Score: What is it?

The only targeting index of its kind, the Consumer Activation Score clarifies who is promotionally sensitive for product categories like yours and where they are hiding. It allows you to reach and activate value-seeking consumers - known to shop and spend more per trip.

Great news – whether your launching a new product, building loyalty, or driving store traffic.

Go straight to your hot-to-act shoppers

Our Consumer Activation Score combines Valassis' unique access to nearly 2 billion print and digital redemptions with advanced analytics on what consumers buy, where they shop, and where they live - to inform your media plans

Looking deep at the category and neighborhood level, it exposes the presence of promotionally sensitive shoppers, so you can reprioritize where you deliver your print and digital ads for greater activation.
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