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Marketing Strategies
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Make use of data intelligence

Overwhelmed with your underutilized big data, mobile-first data, transactional, geo-demographic, behavioral data, etc.? Valassis has an uncanny ability to select and synthesize the data that actually matters for identifying and activating real buyers anywhere. See how we connect the appropriate online and offline data intelligence to create relevant, effective, integrated media plans.

Also, take note of how we can help you with: analytics, shopper marketing, small business or local success, printing and category-specific insights.

2K17 Valassis Coupon Intelligence Report

Get detailed consumer insights into how print, mobile and digital coupons and discounts impact the shopping journey – before, during and after purchase.

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Ed Ramsey, Valassis VP Marketing Data & Tech Strategy

3 Imperative Data Tips

Resident expert Ed Ramsey, Valassis VP Marketing Data & Tech Strategy, lends advice for you to fuel faster growth.

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Video shows the power of intelligent media delivery for a scalable ad campaign.
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Print & Digital Media Kit

A valuable resource, save to view it later, print, or share and send to other decision makers who know that multi-media campaigns are mandatory today.

Media Kits
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Survey highlights

Keep pace with today’s cross-channel coupon users. Over 1/3 of respondents use print and digital coupons equally. See more.


Poll of C-level marketers

Marketing’s Top 5 priorities for 2016 (choose all that apply)


Customer Centric Focus


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Marketing Technology


Omni-Channel/ Cross-Channel Promotion

C-Level 2016 Marketing Study, Black Ink ROI

With our consumer-centric targeting, you won’t miss out

We offer a unique concept of targeting Consumer Trade Areas (CTA’s) that revolves around the consumer rather than a store location or Retail Trade Area (RTA).

Discover and reach additional, on-the-go, consumers (who enter your area as they move throughout their day) by leveraging data intelligence, like:
Our proprietary, hyper-local ATZ’s help you get more bang for the buck

To minimize waste and maximize results, we segment ZIP Codes, where significant diversity can exist, into our own Advertising Targeting Zones (ATZ’s) or neighborhoods, where concentrations of people matching your profile live. This is the key to scalability as well.

Case Study

A leading QSR integrated print+ digital targeting for a national product launch

Omni-channel outperformed layered media

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Drive measurable value from your broadcast ads: Audible Offers

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Proven to work. Learn why and how to personalize your online and offline programs consistently — to build relationships without going broke.

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Showcase: True, cross-channel campaign optimization

Introducing Valassis Apio™

Improve your relevancy to the SAME consumer, at home or away, driving stronger activation from optimized campaigns. It’s now possible!

Valassis Apio is a proprietary methodology that infuses offline and online, mobile-first data to identify your best consumers and reach them throughout the day with a truly integrated media plan. Ultimately delivering:


When is it beneficial to you?

4 situations where Valassis Apio™ makes a big difference
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Want to build frequency efficiently and influence the same consumers at home and away?

  • We combine mobile-location & online behavioral data with traditional offline data to discover where your best consumers live and go
  • Saturate high-indexing, neighborhood ATZs, so the same households get Shared Mail (Wrap, Inserts, Variable Data Postcards) and Display ads
  • Deliver ads across digital devices thanks to our device homing & following intelligence
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Already using shared mail? Boost success – by saturating ALL the same households in the neighborhood ATZ with digital.

  • Target & saturate your existing footprint with Shared Mail (Wrap, Inserts, Variable Data Postcards) and Display ads
  • With our device homing & following intelligence, we deliver ads across digital devices – at home and on the go
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Know for certain that you’re delivering your print ads to the highest potential neighborhoods (ATZs).

  • By integrating mobile-location & online behavioral data with traditional offline data, learn where your best consumers live and go
  • Saturate high-indexing ATZs with Shared Mail (Wrap, Inserts, Variable Data Postcards)
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Once your best prospects wake up and leave the house, can you still engage with them?

  • Leveraging data intelligence, identify the neighborhoods (ATZs) populated by a significant number of your consumers
  • Deliver your display ads across devices - at home (within the ATZ) and away (outside the ATZ) – and take advantage of our device homing & following intelligence.

How Valassis Apio works

1. Merges data to build real-world profiles of your best consumers
• Improves relevance of message
2. Identifies new neighborhoods of opportunity by linking mobile devices to home ATZs
• Acquires more customers at scale
3. Sends print & digital ads to the same consumers at home or away with optimized delivery
• Influences throughout path to purchase

Experts say

“Print and digital/mobile also create opportunities for marketers to segment their broad-based messages to a more targeted sub-set of consumers to add impact to their campaigns.”

— Restaurant Leadership Conference Panelist, 2015
Marilyn Nicholson, President & Chief Strategist, MLM Marketing

Cause Marketing is good for business
Digital Advertising
Multiple choices for integrating digital media with print
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