Sales Impact Study


Measure the effect your advertising has on driving sales at the register, down to the SKU level.



Understand how well your advertising drives sales at the store level. Use audience profiles by store to know the unique preferences of each buyer group.



With industry-leading turnaround times, our reports include insights such as SKU-level sales lift, store performance by neighborhood, and audience analysis.


How it works

We rigorously match test and control stores based on geography and the audience profiles, purchase behavior, and shopping preferences of nearby consumers.

Increase your return on marketing spend with a deep understanding of who is responding to your ads and purchasing in-store.

Adjust advertising strategy in real time based on inventory levels available through our shelfaware intelligence.


Make smarter business decisions with a detailed understanding of consumer behavior at the purchase level.

Detailed Reporting: Reports include average weekly sales per store, cross-channel return on ad spend, SKU-level sales lift, store performance by neighborhood, and more.
Actionable Insights

Whether expanding market share or promoting new products, we reveal the best audiences and neighborhoods to focus your efforts.

Fast Results

Receive reporting in weeks, not months — in time to affect upcoming marketing programs.

Comprehensive Data

Purchase intent, loyalty card spend, and product sales data come together to provide the most complete picture of true sales lift.

How it works
Our Sales Impact Study precisely matches test and control store sales

1. Set up test & control

We carefully select and match exposed and control stores based on audience, geography, and the purchase history and retailer preference of nearby consumers.

2. Monitor each group

Consumers around the exposed group of stores will receive ads across all of their devices, and those around the control group will not.

3. Measure sales lift

Incremental sales lift is determined by calculating the percent difference in exposed store sales compared to control store sales over the life of the campaign.

4. Gain greater insight

In addition to lift analysis, our location and neighborhood intelligence gives you purchaser profiles, distances traveled, and other retailers frequented.

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